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Please see my new journal for updated commission info (prices are the same as below):

Commissions (Updated)I am still taking commissions! Details are below:
Bust/Headshot: $35
Additional People: $20

Waist-Up: $45
Additional People: $25

Full-Body: $55
Additional People: $30
Commission: Arlett Avery Anguis by HalChromaLythrin and Jessiette by HalChroma
free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy Note: Prices can change free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy
Leaf Bullet (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13To ask for a Commission:
Send me a note with the following details and I will give you a quote:

Bust/Headshot: $30

Commission: Cadenske by HalChroma
ANTI by HalChromaCommission: Cadenske by HalChromaCommission: thisismeSD by HalChroma

Waist Up: $40

Commission: Kit and Rolf by HalChroma Brendon Urie by HalChroma Commission - xWolfie212x by HalChromaCommission: AprylFools by HalChroma Commission: ACSheela by HalChroma

Full Body: $50

Commission: TheBlackestBane by HalChroma Lythrin and Jessiette by HalChroma Commission: Genoeva-Wolf by HalChroma Lythrin and Brasbard by HalChroma

Additional People: + $15 each

Red Roses divider by anineko


Purple Rose Cursor by JEricaM Humans only

Purple Rose Cursor by JEricaM Prices tend to change

Red Roses divider by anineko

To ask for a Commission:

D: White Rose (R) by AngelicHellraiser 
Send me a note with the following details (and I will reply regarding payment information, etc.):
Purple Rose Cursor by JEricaM Name/Age/Gender
Purple Rose Cursor by JEricaM References
Purple Rose Cursor by JEricaM Personality Aspects
Purple Rose Cursor by JEricaM Type of Commission
Purple Rose Cursor by JEricaM Background of the picture
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