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I am still taking commissions! Details are below:

Bust/Headshot: $35

Additional People: $20

Commission: Aeilus by HalChroma Commission: John Harlay by HalChroma Commission: Commission-Madness by HalChroma Commission: Pearl Prescott by HalChroma

Waist-Up: $45

Additional People: $25

Commission: Quantesa by HalChroma Odeht Lynch by HalChroma Commission: ACSheela by HalChroma Commission: Vraimund Polvertiri by HalChroma

Full-Body: $55

Additional People: $30

Commission: Ophilia and Aeilus by HalChroma Commission: Ahriana L. Carlyle by HalChroma Commission: Arlett Avery Anguis by HalChroma Lythrin and Jessiette by HalChroma

free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy Note: Prices can change free Bullet : yellow star by pastel-paintbrushy

(C) English Ivy Divider (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13 

Leaf Bullet (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13To ask for a Commission:

Send me a note with the following details and I will give you a quote:

Bulletdadark by Wooded-Wolf Name/Age/Gender
Bulletdadark by Wooded-Wolf References
Bulletdadark by Wooded-Wolf Personality Aspects
Bulletdadark by Wooded-Wolf Type of Commission
Bulletdadark by Wooded-Wolf Background/Pose

(C) English Ivy Divider (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13 

Leaf Bullet (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13Extra Charges:

- Specify in note first, and again I can give a quote -

Bulletdadark by Wooded-Wolf Animals
Bulletdadark by Wooded-Wolf Very Bulky Armor
Bulletdadark by Wooded-Wolf Large weaponry
Bulletdadark by Wooded-Wolf Excessive gore
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